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    Central  AUTO RADIATOR, INC. - 

                 From performing seasonal maintenance services, such as cooling system and heater core flushes, 
             to solving an overheating - or no-heat - problem, we are here to handle all of your vehicle's 
             cooling & heating system needs. 

​                                  - Cooling System Flush and Fill:  Here at Central Radiator, we don't just drain 
                                     the old anti-freeze (aka coolant) from your radiator and refill it. Using our power-flush
                                     exchange machine, we perform a complete system transfer, flushing out the dirty 
                                     coolant while replacing it with all new anti-freeze throughout your system.

                                     Did you know that your vehicle's cooling system requires clean anti-freeze? -  
                                     and not just to prevent water in the radiator and engine from freezing in the  
                                     winter, or from boiling over in the summer ... anti-freeze also acts as a lubricant 
                                     for your car's moving parts, protecting against corrosion and extending the life 
                                     of your radiator, water pump, etc.  

                                     That is why it is important for you to plan regular maintenance visits with us to insure 
                                     your coolant is clean and effective.

                                   - Heater Core Flush:  Oftentimes, just flushing the heater core restores blazing heat, 
                                      avoiding the more time-consuming, costly alternative of replacing the heater core.

                                   - Heater Core Chemical Wash:  Certain cars that haven't responded well to a normal 
                                      flush sometimes need a little extra help - many of our customers have been thrilled and relieved 
                                      when their vehicle was restored to toasty comfort with our environmentally-friendly chemical 

                                   - Dual Flush:  If your heater core is clogged, flushing the cooling system and heater core 
                                     at the same time helps to prevent the system from re-clogging.

                                   - Parts and Installation:  Radiators, Water Pumps, Thermostats, Reservoir/Overflow Bottles,                  
                                     Hoses, Heater Cores, Fuel Tanks and Pumps, etc., all conveniently  supplied and expertly 
                                     installed under one roof ... as an added benefit, when you purchase your parts here at 
                                     Central Radiator*, you receive our assurance of a 90-day labor warranty.  

                                   - In addition: We diagnose head gasket problems, and repair/solder fuel tanks.

                    With over 42 years of experience in radiator repair, Central Radiator is fast becoming your best destination for first-quality,
                comprehensive radiator service. It is owned and operated by the region's top specialist in repairing and rebuilding radiators
                of all types and sizes, from the x-large heavy-duty and industrial, to radiators for the smallest motor cars and cycles. 

                Whether restoring your antique car, searching for an International truck radiator replacement, wanting an upgrade to a                                 heavy-duty radiator core for your high-performance vehicle, or in need of a regular repair service for your fleet of forklifts 
                or service vehicles, Brad is the rad-man for you!

​                                     - Radiator Re-cores:  The craftsmanship with which our re-cored radiators are customized 
                                       and assembled is unparalleled in the industry. Painted with either a water-based, black 
                                       "radiator" paint or a gloss enamel, the finished recore is literally better than new. 
                                       Your radiator will not only look beautiful, but last "forever".

                                     - Leak Soldering:  For copper and brass radiators.         

                                     - Epoxy Leak Fill:  For minor leaks in aluminum radiator cores. 

                                     - Tank Replacements:  For cracked tanks on certain plastic and aluminum radiators.                                         

                                     - Heavy-duty, Industrial and Antique Radiators:  Repaired, replaced or re-cored. 

                            We'll help keep you cool in the summer, and your defroster functioning optimally for the winter ... Central Radiator's 
                 A/C  specialists are the most skilled auto air-conditioning technicians in the field.

​                                                                               - Diagnostics: Free system check! $50 fee for diagnosis requiring refrigerant and dye. With the 
                                                                                  most up-to-date diagnostic equipment,  and our 30+ years of experience with air-conditioning 
                                                                                  troubleshooting, we will get to the bottom of your A/C problem quickly, and then we will deduct 
                                                                                  this fee from the cost of the repair.       

                                                                               - A/C Recharge: $85 (for up to 2 lbs. of freon) will get your car cool with peace of mind - we  
                                                                                  give you a 30-day warranty on our Freon. Should the refrigerant escape, once we trace and 
                                                                                  repair your A/C leak, we will refill your system free-of-charge.

                                                                                  An over-charged A/C system is as much of a problem as an under-charged one - both can lead to 
                                                                                  warm air blowing from your vents. Rather than spending time and money trying to charge your 
                                                                                  vehicle's air conditioner on your own, rely on the A/C professionals here at Central Radiator to  
                                                                                  get your system as cold as possible for you. We never "guess" at how much freon to use -                                                                                    each vehicle requires a different specified weight of refrigerant in order for the air conditioner 
                                                                                  to function at its peak performance. Therefore, every re-charge we perform is carefully   
                                                                                  weighed by our MAC-certified A/C techs, utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, so
                                                                                  your system receives the exact amount of freon it needs for an ice-cold result.

                                        - Parts and Installation: We supply and install A/C Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators, 
                                          Receiver Driers, Accumulators, Expansion and Schrader Valves, Blend Door Actuators,
                                          A/C Lines & Hoses, O-Rings, etc. - all, as stated above, with a 90-day labor warranty
                                          if the parts are purchased here at Central Radiator.*



                                       *We match most competitors' pricing on parts (Ed.).

                 We Carry:
        Cooling & Heating Systems Service
             Air Conditioning System Service

          Central Auto Radiator's Services

                   Central Auto Radiator is New England's premier radiator and automotive cooling, heating and air conditioning repair facility. 
               We regularly service customers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, from Boston to South County, with the 
               occasional job coming to us from even farther afield. Here's a look at some of the services we offer -

             Radiator Repair